Behavioural Profiling

Finding a candidate with the proper skills and experience is only the first step in making an effective hiring decision.  Your organization requires employees who ‘fit’ your business culture as well as they ‘fit’ the role they were hired to do.  Behavioural profiling is a critical tool for measuring that fit.

Behavioural profiling is available as a stand-alone tool or embedded into the HireFX process.  We work closely with one of the world's top provider of objective management systems and work-based assessment tools to provide our clients with a reliable, validated, and cost-effective profiling tool.  Profiles can be customized to your specific job needs or you can access industry proven benchmarks for common job types.

In today's economy, it is critical for new hires to quickly learn new procedures and react to change.  Your businesses can't afford the training costs and low productivity associated with a poor hire.  Effective use of behavioural profiling not only evaluates the candidate's fit within your organization, but can also identify applicants who learn quickly and deliver value to your organization sooner.

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