Headhunting / Executive Recruitment

Looking to fill a single position but tired of the expensive retreads that the placement agencies and head hunting firms keep sending you?  Whether for that hard-to-find IT leader, the driven sales professional, or the senior executive to lead your team, HireFX will fill the position for you, satisfaction guaranteed!

HireFX uses a unique combination of traditional sourcing methods with an advanced set of tools for assessing skills, experience and behaviours. Our approach allows us to maintain a competitive fee structure and offer an industry leading guarantee.

The HireFX method been used effectively for all levels in an organization and ensures that every candidate competes on a level playing field and is selected for further consideration in a demonstrably objective fashion.  We believe that finding the best person for a position requires an assessment not only of skills and experience but also of what we call ‘fit’. By using a behavioural assessment tool, we can gain insights into whether the person will be a good ‘fit’ for the role, the culture and the environment  they will be operating in. At HireFX we utilize the services of one of the largest behavioural profiling companies in the world.  Once we narrowed candidates down to a short-list, we personally interview them to ensure that they are the right fit for your organization.  We also offer skills testing, background checks, and reference checking.  The end result is a superior short-list of candidates guaranteed to thrive in your organization.

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