Interviews & Screening

Effective interviewing skills - knowing which questions to ask and how to evaluate candidate responses - are essential to making the right hiring decision.  Too many organizations make the costly error of assuming that because someone has "been" in an interview that they can conduct one.

HireFX offers a full range of interview tools and support services.  For employers with bulk hiring needs, our landmark interactive telephone interviews provide your organization with the ability to screen large numbers of job seekers in a demonstrably fair, amazingly efficient, and surprisingly cost-effective way.  HireFX interactive interviews provide all the value of a traditional telephone pre-screen without the hassle of trying to reach candidates on their schedule.  Best of all, reviewing the interviews requires a fraction of the time traditionally invested!

Not looking for an automated interviewing solution? Our team of experts provide a full range of interview support services.  We can work with you to design the questions that you'll need for a superior interview and train you on effective techniques for evaluating candidate responses.  We can also take the interviews off your hands completely, conducting telephone and in-person interviews on your behalf.

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