Sourcing & Social Recruiting

Monster.  Workopolis.  Jobbank.  LinkedIn.  Indeed.  The range of job posting / search options can be overwhelming.  Some sources will flood your inbox with resumes from unqualified candidates and disinterested tire-kickers.  Others will charge high rates for mediocre results.  HireFX is here to help!

Large corporations spend millions of dollars annually to find and attract the best candidates.  Our team of experts will work closely with you to identify the best sources for the type of employees you want for your organization!  Simply posting on a large pay-board is rarely the best strategy.  We'll help you tap into your existing network of potential hires and you leverage our own extensive network!

What about your "Employment Brand"?  Do you know what job seekers think about your organization?  Are you an employer of choice?  Effective employment branding leads to more efficient hiring and superior long-term employee performance.

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