No.  While our enterprise solutions are intended for clients with large scale, ongoing hiring, HireFX offers a powerful suite of tools geared towards small and medium sized organizations.  Our services are customized to fit your specific hiring needs...and your budget.

Good question.  HireFX doesn't fit the mold of typical recruitment firms.  Unlike "head hunters", we're not interested in collecting a bunch of job seeker resumes and then shuffling those faces in front of clients with the hope of collecting a big fee.  We believe that no-one knows your business better than you.  Our powerful, proven tools are designed to take away the drudgery often associated with recruitment and empower you to make the best hiring decision for your organization.

Yes!  HireFX has successfully been adopted by forward-thinking executives in organizations across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. These companies hire large numbers of employees year after year, and must process tens of thousands of applications, while still hiring only the best possible candidates.  Don't believe us?  Read what our clients say about the impact that HireFX has had on their organizations.

Yes.  Our EmploymentAdvantage service offers a full range of tools for job seekers, including resume writing and career counselling.