Working with HireFX, has been incredibly positive for us. Traditionally, recruiting was a long and labour intensive process. HireFX has decreased our turnaround time to a matter of days. Our hit rate ratio has increased significantly - - yesterday I hired six out of eight candidates I interviewed.

Recruitment Specialist, North American Gas Utility
"I reached out to HireFX to help us create a recruiting web site as well as develop a behavioral based, on-line sales and service associate assessment. At the time our current processes were not automated and honestly not very successful in helping us select the best candidates for our business model. They were extremely knowledgeable was very responsive to our needs. HireFX presented their concepts and assessment tool in a very short time frame. They were committed to developing a tool that would not only save us time in the recruiting process but would improve the quality of our candidates. HireFX was very successful in helping us achieve that goal. Their focus on meeting and exceeding our needs was evident. The HireFX team shared their expertise at every step of the way and ensured that the finished product provided us with the expected results. He helped us measure our results over the long term and "tweaked" the assessment when needed. What impressed me most was their commitment to us as their client. They educated my team on the assessment process and were a true partner in every sense of the word. I would highly recommend HireFX based the outstanding results we experienced and their commitment to customer service from concept to final output."Call Center Operations Professional, Insurance Industry

This solution allows a company’s HR function to shift high volume staffing transactions to HireFX whose core business is the optimization of recruitment processes, thereby allowing in-house Human Resource professionals to focus on their role as strategic business partners.

Director of HR, American Pulp & Paper Company

The success rate of (our) face-to-face interviews has risen from 10% when 'sifting through a pile of resumes', to 80% using HireFX. Best of all, the process is cost effective.

Senior Vice President, Major Canadian Bank